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Supply and Delivery

In the Poplars Farm Lion-registered packing centre, all of the free-range eggs are hand-packed.

In order to accommodate all of our different customers the eggs can be provided either in a range of personalised pre-packed cartons or on trays and these are bar-coded according to size.
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Typically for schools and hospitals we would provide multiples of 5-dozen catering boxes.
We also provide various cases of eggs – typically 30, 20 or 15 dozen boxes to a case.
Look out for our Supermarket display box next time you are in Sainsbury's or Asda!

Traceability is an important aspect of the Lion Code and so at the packing centre we ensure that all of our eggs are stamped:
Image of egg with traceability information explained
  • With the British Lion Quality mark itself, indicating strict adherence to the British Lion Quality Code of Practice
  • With the method of production (in our case a “1” for Free Range)
  • Producer identity – the unique code which donates where the egg was produced including the Country of origin
  • The Best Before Date – generally it is recommended that eggs are best before the 27th day after the egg is laid
For more information on “Everything Egg” including Traceability, visit the British Egg Information Service at www.britegg.co.uk

Of course some customers travel to the farm to collect for themselves, during the week.

On the whole however, our vehicles deliver to our many and varied customers – look out for us on the road, our name and logo are painted on our vehicles and you know if you see us we’ll be delivering the freshest, tastiest free range eggs around!

Call or Text: 01565 777543 or 07831 351498
e-mail: poplarsfarmeggs@googlemail.com

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